Festival Chic.

classic white, leopard shorts, and BRIGHT oxfords and a cutie by your side

Isabel Marant and Chanel

black sunnies & red lips


Hiii, I know, I know. It is just February and it is still raining. I know… BUT I JUST CAN NOT WAIT ANY LONGER! I just love summer! And my skin really need some sun also. Like every fashionlover I’m already thinking about what my new summer wardrobe will look like. I think I go this summer for a Rocky-Edgy-FuckWhatPeopleThink-Look VS a clean and classy look VS a Boho look. I think the combination of them all will work very good for this summer. The pictures above are very good examples of what I mean. I just love the studded shorts with a white tee and red lipstick. And I need a low cut tee with a shiny or lace bra… Owwh, I just can’t wait. So please summer, I’m bagging you…Please come soon…



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