My basic make-up (:


Heeeeey! Today I give you a quick look into my daily make-up. No, it doesn’t look perfect but that’s because of the heavy use. First I start with a BBcream. I use Miracle Skin Perfector by Garnier. There are two types of this BBcream. I use the one for a combination to oily skin. But my sister blessed with a great healty skin so she use the one for the normal skin. They are very different and I can show you! See the pictures below.







As you can see, the one I use (left and for the oily skin) is more liquid than the right (normal skin) one. And also when you use it you can feel the differences. When you put it on your face you can feel that the for a normal skin is thicker.
I think they are both great but for my skin is the left one (for a oily skin) the best. I use it everyday so I recommend this product to everyone!

I further use a mascara from Max-Factor and also my foundation is from Max-factor (but I only use a little because the BBcream is enough). And I use powder and blush from Miss Sporty.
I do not use very expensive product but I have tried many and these are for me the best.

Have a great Tuesday,