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Amber Heard

amber heard

Amber Heard

amber heard | trips me out that she's 26 and from Austin...and is dating Johnny depp! Dammmmit

Amber Heard.

Amber Heard

Hellooo! When I saw the first picture I was immediately in love with here style! It’s so simpel but still classy and strong. I really like the jacket on the third picture. It’s so glamorous! And then the little necklace detail. It’s just so right. The old, cut off jeans is also a stong item and I think it is going to be more fashionable next summer than it was last summer. I don’t like the white tee on the last picture. The idea is perfect but the implementation less. This one looks like it comes straight from her dad’s closet and then a   20 year old piece! But I love her bun so that makes it a little better, haha!

Have a lovely Monday ❤