Festival Chic.

classic white, leopard shorts, and BRIGHT oxfords and a cutie by your side

Isabel Marant and Chanel

black sunnies & red lips


Hiii, I know, I know. It is just February and it is still raining. I know… BUT I JUST CAN NOT WAIT ANY LONGER! I just love summer! And my skin really need some sun also. Like every fashionlover I’m already thinking about what my new summer wardrobe will look like. I think I go this summer for a Rocky-Edgy-FuckWhatPeopleThink-Look VS a clean and classy look VS a Boho look. I think the combination of them all will work very good for this summer. The pictures above are very good examples of what I mean. I just love the studded shorts with a white tee and red lipstick. And I need a low cut tee with a shiny or lace bra… Owwh, I just can’t wait. So please summer, I’m bagging you…Please come soon…


Pinterest Inspiration #5

all summer long

Chanel style.

casual outfit

panama hat // @Anthropologie

Casual edge.

Hi dear fashionlovers ❤ Today a bit of inspiration for the summer but also some for a rainy day like this. I really love the simpleness of the first four pictures. The rule ‘less is more’ is really so much ‘more’! You can create your own casual and simple style by mixing it with a necklace (3e), a colorful hat (4e) or a big logo (2e). The second picture is by the way a great DIY! The only problem is to find the perfect, over-sized and vintage denim jacket… The last two pictures are a bit more for the weather now… Rainy… The temperature is rising above the 3 degrees and so the weather is just like shit and everything is just wet and dark. At days like this I always like to dress with a bit of an edge. A rocky edge. So I think the last two pictures are great samples of that style. The last one is by the way a picture of another great dutch fashionblogger named Lizzy van der Ligt. She really has her own style. It is a bit funny, big and edgy but never overdressed. She is a really great example for my. Check out her blog!

Have a sunny day,

DIY – From old to new


Hi. I think everyone knows the problem. Old shoes and you don’t like them. These boots I found in my closet about a year ago. Here are some pictures about how I made my old boots into new shoes.







I think the pictures made it very clear how easy it is to transform your boots. There are just so much different ways to do it so just open your creative mind, haha. The only thing you need is some glue special for textile.
The last thing we’ve left to do is decorate them. I’ve used two studs on every shoe and some leather.



Pinterest inspiration #4

models off duty

Blue grey


cobalt blue earrings + all black

Comfy and chic!

Hellooo there. I think I’ve become addicted to Pinterest. There is so much fashion and inspiring people that you can not stop looking for new pictures! I like all of the pictures above but especially the second and the fourth. I think the combination of blue and black is very interesting and it excites my fashion senses!
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