What I wear today – Rock the Office!









Heeeey! Today I wear a nude blouse. To make it a bit rocky and not boring I wear my studded clutch and rockchic jeans. I think this is a great outfit for work or school, but it is also comfortable so I wear it on this rainy sunday ❤


What I wear today – It’s a blue story again







Hi! Today is a blue day again. I think I fall in love with blue ’cause most of the time I wear blue. I wear a Primark blouse, a old H&M skinny jeans and a vintage denim jacket. And please don’t look at the mess on the background, haha! I have also cleaned my room this morning so now it is much better.


What I wear today — Put those high heels on!

P1070385  P1070392


Hi there, I promised that I woult post a ‘What I Wear Today’ today but it is more like a What I wore yesterday Haha. Because this is my look of yesterday, so I hope you don’t mind. Sooo, yesterday I wore a G-star jeans with a white blouse of Primark. I think that’s a good combination always! It’s easy and clean and also a bit classy. The heels and leatler jacker are Mango.

‘And by the way’ my vacation starts in a week and I just can not wait!!