Apologize Outfit.











Heeeuu, first of all I have to apologize to all my faithful followers. I’m so sorry for letting you wait for so long. I’ve had some hard, difficult stuff on my mind but I know, there is no good reason for letting you wait. But guy’s, guess what! I’m back. And this time better and longer haha! I’m done with school and I have to learn for my exams but I have plenty of time to post new looks and inspiration.
My look of today is a spring outfit. The wetter is nice but still no ‘summerhot’ so this is something in between. Especially the studded loafers make the look. I totally love them I think I’m gonna wear them a lot this summer!

I hope you all have a good, sunny day!
With love, xx


What I wear today – Comfy Day








Haha, hi there! I’m always happy when I wear new clothes, do you know the feeling? Today I wear a rolled up jeans, and I love the effect with my shoes. I also wear a big scarf because the whether is not really how I want it.. Yeah, it is sad but we are going in the right direction! I also love my red nails with my leather jacket, the combination of those two makes it hot! What do you think?

Have a nice day!


What I wear today – Loafey Day











Heeeeyy, before I start. Please don’t look and judge me for the mess on the background. It is just a way of combine my clothes :$ Haha, but I think many of you have the same way!
Today I wear my new, studded loafers from Primark. I know, Primark is not great quality but it is just fun. The tee is also from Primark. It is a over sized one and because I go classy today I wear it in my jeans (who is from H&M). I like this look because you can wear it anytime. It is easy but fun because of the shoes. What do you think of my new loafers?

With love, ❤



Festival Chic.

classic white, leopard shorts, and BRIGHT oxfords and a cutie by your side

Isabel Marant and Chanel

black sunnies & red lips


Hiii, I know, I know. It is just February and it is still raining. I know… BUT I JUST CAN NOT WAIT ANY LONGER! I just love summer! And my skin really need some sun also. Like every fashionlover I’m already thinking about what my new summer wardrobe will look like. I think I go this summer for a Rocky-Edgy-FuckWhatPeopleThink-Look VS a clean and classy look VS a Boho look. I think the combination of them all will work very good for this summer. The pictures above are very good examples of what I mean. I just love the studded shorts with a white tee and red lipstick. And I need a low cut tee with a shiny or lace bra… Owwh, I just can’t wait. So please summer, I’m bagging you…Please come soon…