Classy with your lipstick girl <3









Jeans  – Zara
Tee – My Mom. I think Sutherland
Jacket – Primark
Belt – Pieces
Lipstick – Catrice Tell me a Berry-Tale


What I wear today — Put those high heels on!

P1070385  P1070392


Hi there, I promised that I woult post a ‘What I Wear Today’ today but it is more like a What I wore yesterday Haha. Because this is my look of yesterday, so I hope you don’t mind. Sooo, yesterday I wore a G-star jeans with a white blouse of Primark. I think that’s a good combination always! It’s easy and clean and also a bit classy. The heels and leatler jacker are Mango.

‘And by the way’ my vacation starts in a week and I just can not wait!!


Some inspiration special for Tom!

Style My Guy / Brad Kroenig for Wormland Spring 2011 Campaign

Czytnik Google (13)

New Balance


I think a man looks good when he is not ‘overdressed’. Just a simpel whit or grey tee looks always good on a jeans. Put some sneakers on and you’re ready to go! Im a little obsessed with New Balance sneakers :$ (Geloof het of niet Tom,) And I also like a good pair of Nike Airmax like the one under here. But please, keep them in good shape.

nike airmaxWant - got

A beanie works always. But keep your hair short! And not to much wax so it seems very greasy. When you do that you create a wanderer-look and not a casual-look. So just DON’T!! I also think blue is the color for man. But I think that’s also a matter of personal taste.
Alsjeblieft Tom, ik hoop dat je er wat aan hebt hahah!


What I wear today – DenimDenimDenim

Thaadaaa! Here it is! My new denim jacket. I just have it a week and i’m so in love! It’s so easy to combine! These are actually pictures from Friday but I don’t think that’s a big problem, isn’t it? To give it a funny twist I wear my statement-necklace from London (:
Have a lovely Sunday,