What I wear today – It’s a blue story again







Hi! Today is a blue day again. I think I fall in love with blue ’cause most of the time I wear blue. I wear a Primark blouse, a old H&M skinny jeans and a vintage denim jacket. And please don’t look at the mess on the background, haha! I have also cleaned my room this morning so now it is much better.


The best of H&M spring 2013!





Hi dear fashionlovers! Today I saw the new collection of H&M and I was very surprised. It is colorful but still cool. And you can also buy your fake Céline bag (see picture 3)! These are just a few great items of the collection. So have a look and tell my what you think of the collection (:

With love,

NEW IN – Sale owh Sale



Hi. At the first picture you can see my new jacket. It’s a kind of a baseball jacket but not a real baseball jacket. Do you understand? The color is blue by the way. The picture is a bit hazy, I’m sorry. The jacket is from H&M and in sale!! On the second picture you can see my new necklace which I already wore to the New Years Eve Party, and my new watch. The watch is from the market for 7,- euro!!
I hope you like my new buys. I do!!

With a lot love,