What I wear today – We will rock you

Heeey, I’m sooo sooo sorry for not blogging but I very busy. These days are very important      because I work at a bakery. So these are some old pictures but I really like this look. It is rocky, casual and comfortable. But the red color of the tee makes it less dark.
By the way, the tee is oversized because it is my moms, hahah 🙂

I think I post a new look tomorrow. I already got something in my mind!


What I wear today — Put those high heels on!

P1070385  P1070392


Hi there, I promised that I woult post a ‘What I Wear Today’ today but it is more like a What I wore yesterday Haha. Because this is my look of yesterday, so I hope you don’t mind. Sooo, yesterday I wore a G-star jeans with a white blouse of Primark. I think that’s a good combination always! It’s easy and clean and also a bit classy. The heels and leatler jacker are Mango.

‘And by the way’ my vacation starts in a week and I just can not wait!!


What I wear today – Lovely winter layers



P1070377    P1070381





Hi Guys! It’s sunday and here is a new what I wear today as I promised yesterday. The weather is like *#&#@^ here so it’s a day with much hot chocolate and cozy clothes ❤ The long jumper is from H&M. The jacket is totally vintage and the jeans is a Kuyichi (SaveTheWorld). The scarve is a old one from Zara.
And look at my hair! Thanks sis for you help ❤

Have a peaceful and warm Sunday!