What I wear today – Come over to the dark site

Come over to the dark site

Today I go casual 🙂 It’s saturday and that means weekend and work. So this is a lazy outfit  but always good. The bazer is a old one from H&M and also is the tee. I clutch is actually a pencilbag for school but I put some studs on it myself! And the result is a fahionable studed clutch! I think there comes a more spectacular outfit tomorrow 🙂
By the way, this look is a little inspired by a Dutch fashion blog named ‘come over to the dark site we have candy’.
Here is a link if you want to see it yourself. Enjoy!

(fake) fur coats

fur, fur, fur

fur fur fur

Fur. Fur. Fur.





I think this is the best trend of this winter. You have all kinds of fur so there’s for everyone something that suits. I’m still looking for my perfect FAKE furcoat because I basically can’t afford it :$ So I’m still looking for the right one with the right price.
BTW, I still adore the Isabel Marant Sneakers from the last picture!! ❤