What I wear today – Loafey Day











Heeeeyy, before I start. Please don’t look and judge me for the mess on the background. It is just a way of combine my clothes :$ Haha, but I think many of you have the same way!
Today I wear my new, studded loafers from Primark. I know, Primark is not great quality but it is just fun. The tee is also from Primark. It is a over sized one and because I go classy today I wear it in my jeans (who is from H&M). I like this look because you can wear it anytime. It is easy but fun because of the shoes. What do you think of my new loafers?

With love, ❤

What I wear today – It’s a blue story again







Hi! Today is a blue day again. I think I fall in love with blue ’cause most of the time I wear blue. I wear a Primark blouse, a old H&M skinny jeans and a vintage denim jacket. And please don’t look at the mess on the background, haha! I have also cleaned my room this morning so now it is much better.


What I wear today – Multi colored angel

Shirt — Vero Moda
Jeans — H&M
Boots — find similar here: http://www.iwantthatmusthave.nl/iwtm-biker-boots.html
Bag — Primark

And here it is! A What I wear today! I think allready know how much I love this shirt and I think you’re going to see more of it. The litlle bag is not just a bag because it’s more like a memory. I bought it last summer in the Primark in London. We were there with school and it was sooooo much fun! I don’t know what I think about the grey jeans. It’s an old one and it’s very comforteble but I think the color is a little to light. So my next grey jeans must be darker. Let’s hope and pray I find one soon!