Classy with your lipstick girl <3









Jeans  – Zara
Tee – My Mom. I think Sutherland
Jacket – Primark
Belt – Pieces
Lipstick – Catrice Tell me a Berry-Tale


Some inspiration special for Tom!

Style My Guy / Brad Kroenig for Wormland Spring 2011 Campaign

Czytnik Google (13)

New Balance


I think a man looks good when he is not ‘overdressed’. Just a simpel whit or grey tee looks always good on a jeans. Put some sneakers on and you’re ready to go! Im a little obsessed with New Balance sneakers :$ (Geloof het of niet Tom,) And I also like a good pair of Nike Airmax like the one under here. But please, keep them in good shape.

nike airmaxWant - got

A beanie works always. But keep your hair short! And not to much wax so it seems very greasy. When you do that you create a wanderer-look and not a casual-look. So just DON’T!! I also think blue is the color for man. But I think that’s also a matter of personal taste.
Alsjeblieft Tom, ik hoop dat je er wat aan hebt hahah!


(fake) fur coats

fur, fur, fur

fur fur fur

Fur. Fur. Fur.





I think this is the best trend of this winter. You have all kinds of fur so there’s for everyone something that suits. I’m still looking for my perfect FAKE furcoat because I basically can’t afford it :$ So I’m still looking for the right one with the right price.
BTW, I still adore the Isabel Marant Sneakers from the last picture!! ❤