What I wear today – Turn up the music!






Good evening friends! Today is the second day of my vacation and tomorrow I’m going to Almere. I’m so exited and it is going to be cozy because I’m going with my mom and my sister. By the way, I’m also looking for a Iphone so maybe I got one in a couple weeks. I let you know.
Today to church I wore a funny sweater with pearls and shiny stones.  And again my Catrice Tell me a Berry-Tale lipstick. I’m so obsessed with the color ❤ The scarf is my mom’s.


What I wear today – DenimDenimDenim

Thaadaaa! Here it is! My new denim jacket. I just have it a week and i’m so in love! It’s so easy to combine! These are actually pictures from Friday but I don’t think that’s a big problem, isn’t it? To give it a funny twist I wear my statement-necklace from London (:
Have a lovely Sunday,