Some inspiration special for Tom!

Style My Guy / Brad Kroenig for Wormland Spring 2011 Campaign

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New Balance


I think a man looks good when he is not ‘overdressed’. Just a simpel whit or grey tee looks always good on a jeans. Put some sneakers on and you’re ready to go! Im a little obsessed with New Balance sneakers :$ (Geloof het of niet Tom,) And I also like a good pair of Nike Airmax like the one under here. But please, keep them in good shape.

nike airmaxWant - got

A beanie works always. But keep your hair short! And not to much wax so it seems very greasy. When you do that you create a wanderer-look and not a casual-look. So just DON’T!! I also think blue is the color for man. But I think that’s also a matter of personal taste.
Alsjeblieft Tom, ik hoop dat je er wat aan hebt hahah!


Event– Primark at Almere


Hi dear fashionlovers,
I think most of the Dutch girls know it by now but the Primark opens in exacly one week! And they conceived the most perfect date ever. Namely 12-12-2012. And I really want to go   to the opening but I got school the whole day…:( Yes, it’s sucks. But now my point. I ask my mom (with a sad puppy-face) if she could arrange something. Guess what! She is going to think about it and talk to my teachers! So there’s a small chance I can go and give you a full report of the event! And already a look insite! So let’s keep our fingers crossed and maybe you read about it more next week. I’ll keep you informed.

Have a fashionable and great day ❤

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